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I furnish 'personalized', individual lawncare service on a regularly scheduled seasonal basis. I take the time to get to know your lawn, and I specifically design your lawncare package to include fertilization, weed control, seeding and aeration needs.

My program is based on a modified organic, granular (time-released) fertilization and liquid weed control program. In keeping with constantly changing times and requirements of both our lawns and the environment; I have been applying a new and improved modified organic-based fertilizer. This program gives a gradual fertilization to your lawn plus liquid weed control for high-quality, fast weed removal and premium lawn development.

Local university studies have shown this modified organic fertilization is a more conducive, environmentally friendly treatment, than non-organic regular fertilization.

If you request, I will treat your lawn with a classic, dry fertilization and quality weed control program, as I have done in past seasons.


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