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Lawn Tips - Watering
Proper watering is necessary for healthy, vigorous turfgrass. Is also ensures that your lawn will receive the full benefit of the your lawn service program.

Why you need to Water:
Watering is needed when your lawn doesn't get enough water through rainfall. Light rains or short downpours are not adequate, because the soil is not soaked deeply enough. Deep soaking is important because it encourages development of a deep root system. Deep-rooted turfgrass has a greater supply of water to draw from and is healthier. Grass watered with light sprinklings develops a shallow root system, resulting in weaker, drought-prone grass.

If water is inadequate, the results are:

  • off-colored or yellow grass
  • thinner grass, with weed invasion
  • increased disease and insect damage
  • increased damage from winter injury and other stresses


    1. Water as needed. 1" to 1.5" per week during warm weather
    2. Allow water to soak into the soil, without puddling or running off.
    3. Make sure sprinklers provide good coverage.

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    No one can give you an exact schedule...

  • The need for watering depends mainly on your soil and of course the weather. The best thing to do is watch your grass for tell-tale signs of:
    1. Wilting
    2. Irregular colored patches
    3. "Footprinting"

  • The most accurate way is to feel a sample of soil taken with a soil probe or by using a knife to cut out a wedge about four inches deep in the ground.

  • The best time to water is when you can fit it into your schedule. If you can, avoid late afternoon or evening irrigation. Grass that stays wet for a long time after sunset favors development of diseases.

  • Don't avoid watering in the late afternoon if this is the only time you can water. When your lawn is dry, the important thing is to water your lawn. Avoiding late afternoon is secondary to providing needed water.

  • Where rainfall is very limited in the summer, and where heavy clay soils prevent watering to the full amount at one time, more frequent watering is necessary.

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